Our menu is based on traditional Kremlin recipes. Delicious dishes and an atmospheric, themed interior will allow you to enjoy a meal and get a lot of positive emotions from visiting our restaurant.

The restaurant "Special Purpose Buffet" is an author's dishes based on taste combinations and modern cooking techniques.

Features of our menu:

We are pleased to introduce you to our outstanding chef Sergey Liperovsky. A master of his craft, who came to us from the top successful network projects in Moscow, as well as having visited the kitchens of Europe, who is now happy to cook for you in our institution. His love of delicious food and meticulousness in his work makes his dishes flawless.
— schef of our restaurant
Sergey Liperovsky
Sergey, periodically introduces new Special Offers, such as a huge "Speccheburek", be sure to try it!


The chef likes to keep in touch with guests, so you can always call him and chat!
Worked in top successful network projects in Moscow
A master of his craft who has visited the kitchens of Europe
Offers unusual, original dishes and offers
Our restaurant is located on the territory of the museum with a lot of different interactive activities and entertainment that will be interesting for both adults and children
Our restaurant is visited by a variety of guests, and we are glad to receive every feedback, because it is you who help us improve the quality of work!

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Our team works tirelessly to delight its visitors with delicious food every day.
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Working hours:
from 11:00 to 20:00

From Tuesday to Sunday.
Monday is a day off.
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