12 марта 2022г.
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A cozy place with a cool menu expands horizons: now, at exactly 18.00, a self-service cafe turns into a restaurant with waiters, and guests are brought a gourmet menu from Mark Statsenko, in which quail, duck, guinea fowl and ostrich perform on equal rights with the famous local farm chicken. Prices at the same time, although they become slightly higher, remain within the average bill of 700 rubles.

So, the dignity of farm chickens is designed to protect a rustic homemade chicken stewed in the oven with sherry, sage, ginger and green sweet grapes (550 rubles), an ideal Kiev-style cutlet in a thin crispy crust with a tender core of butter with sea salt, dried tomatoes, smoked suluguni and parsley (420 rubles), juicy and a fragrant chicken kebab (360 rubles). Duck stories are vividly illustrated by ravioli in porcini mushroom consomme (320 rubles), a burger with a duck cutlet in spices (490 rubles) and a breast fried on coals with baked eggplant and raspberry sauce (550 rubles). Stewed guinea fowl with giblets, leeks, sherry, cream and spices are sent to the stuffing for shepherd's pie (590 rubles), and ostrich fillets are fried to medium rare or medium and garnished with baked potatoes with garlic sauce (680 rubles).
Portions, as usual, are generous. By the way, today the chef of Chicken Run and Funny Cabany, Mark Statsenko, is hosting a party with sparkling and incendiary music at Funny Cabany on Malaya Dmitrovka in honor of the opening of the second restaurant of the same name in the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center. Be sure to come!
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